28 February 2011

1000 Days in Togo

Last Wednesday, the 23rd was my 1000th day since arriving in Togo.

Technically, of course, I haven't BEEN here for 1000 days, what with vacation, etc. but still.

It's a number that the vast majority of Peace Corps volunteers don't hit. It's a third year number.

So I decided to celebrate a little. But first I moved furniture for our regional house all day and got really dehydrated, then the owner of the new boite de nuit (nightclub) in Atakpame invited my friend S to come to his restaurant and thanked him for DJing an American night by topping up our beers with Campari.

Not a nice combination, by the way.

Coupled with the delicious chicken burrito with fresh, right-off-the-tree avocado, the beer was a perfect celebratory meal. The chocolate cake with vanilla icing that J made entirely from scratch raised the border above perfection.

It was a lovely way to spend an evening and I'm glad to have hit this milestone.

Have a fun UNITE song to celebrate with me, sung by Club Unite of Datcha. Interested in supporting Camp UNITE this year? check out the Foundation