26 July 2011

Camp UNITE Eleves Garcons

23 July 2011

So the boy students all left this morning. I got to be a counselor this week! This picture is of my cabin counselors – Irenee and Peter. Irenee just finished his first year at university and he has been involved in Camp UNITE since 2008, when he was participant. In 2009 and 2010, he played the role of “Pagi”, a character that dresses up in bizarre clothes and incites the participants into explaining the things they’ve learned each day so that they can win back a plank on the “bridge to a healthy life.”

Peter is our “Young Leader”, a former participant who has done a lot of work in his village with a peer educator club who has come back to tell his story and encourage the current participants to keep working when they return to village.
We were the counselors for the cabin Anaconda. We made up all sorts of songs and dances as “king of the river”. Brilliant.

I also facilitated a session with another counterpart, HonorĂ©, on Adolescence and Reproduction. It was awesome because I got to do the tour of the walk-through female reproductive system. (The second picture we’re inside the uterus) What started out as a crazy idea has really proven its worth. Both the participants and the other counselors (several of whom are science teachers) loved the model. They found it really easy to understand. Plus it’s fun!