26 July 2010


I’m going to be back in the States in September, just in time for my birthday.
I thought it would be a good idea to put up a little wish list so that I don’t receive well-intentioned but contextually useless things like bath bubbles, sweaters, and socks.
I’ll try to put up a link to example items through amazon or something similar.

Tech stuff
o Ipod, headphones
o External hard drive
o Digital camera
o External cd/dvd reader (for my little cd-incapable netbook)
Food stuff
o Tea! Any kind, but flavored green and black teas are my favorite
o Eggnog Tea – amazing
o Seeds for sprouting
o Seeds for an herb garden
Bathroom stuff
o Conditioner
o A hair cut and color
o Deodorant
o Book for career search
o Maybe some pre-reading books from law school lists (I’ll look these up later)

01 July 2010


1 July 2010
How would I introduce myself?
This differs entirely based on context, so I will imagine how I would introduce myself to a classroom to whom I’m presenting my Peace Corps service.
Hi! My name is Rose. I am a Peace Corps volunteer in Togo West Africa. I graduated form this school back in 2000 and all three of my sisters also went here – in fact, one of them is currently in 10th grade! I grew up here in California but I went away to college in Indiana at the University of Notre Dame. While I was there I studied abroad in France for a year and liked Europe so much that I went to Scotland to do my graduate studies in International Politics. I’ve been working in Togo as a pCV for 2 years already, some of the projects that inspire me the most are…
If I were presenting myself to a Rotary Club…
Hello, my name is Rose. I was a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar to the University of Edinburgh from 2004-2005. I loved the culture so much that I stayed there to work for two years after achieving my Masters in International and European Politics. When finally my time was up in Scotland, I decided I wanted to continue learning and living internationally, promoting development and understanding so I joined the Peace Corps and that’s what I’m here to talk to you about…

As a new member of a book club…
Hi! I’m Rose, I grew up the oldest of five kids in southern California but I’ve lived in the Midwest, Europe, and most recently in Africa. My favorite types of books to read are books on spirituality, and my favorite fiction is adventure fantasy. My favorite authors are Paulo Coelho, Starhawk, Robert Jordan, and Ursula K LeGuin.

So I wrote these up as a part of an exercise on cultural exchange . The second half of the exercise is to note how a local person introduces herself. In my experience, they don’t. That’s not entirely true. People introduce themselves as the brother of…, the wife of…, or the cousin of the brother of the wife of…. Or by their profession, their role in society. I still giggle sometimes as I look over my phone book. Last year when I had some shelves painted, I thought the painter did a good job and wanted to take his number so I could contact him again if needed. He willingly gave it, but then I asked for his name so I could enter it in the phone and he said “painter.” I looked at him, to check if he was joking –but no. So I have an entry for painter, moto driver 1 and 2, and catechist in my phone – people who I contact or at least come across frequently but whose names are a complete unknown to me.