26 July 2010


I’m going to be back in the States in September, just in time for my birthday.
I thought it would be a good idea to put up a little wish list so that I don’t receive well-intentioned but contextually useless things like bath bubbles, sweaters, and socks.
I’ll try to put up a link to example items through amazon or something similar.

Tech stuff
o Ipod, headphones
o External hard drive
o Digital camera
o External cd/dvd reader (for my little cd-incapable netbook)
Food stuff
o Tea! Any kind, but flavored green and black teas are my favorite
o Eggnog Tea – amazing
o Seeds for sprouting
o Seeds for an herb garden
Bathroom stuff
o Conditioner
o A hair cut and color
o Deodorant
o Book for career search
o Maybe some pre-reading books from law school lists (I’ll look these up later)

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