26 February 2013

Training Runs and Zombie Chases

All last year I kept running even after I'd accomplished my very first 5K and a lot of my running was done with an awesome app called "Zombies, Run!" This app was perfect for me - it made getting on the treadmill pretty easy and once the heat and humidity stopped being ridiculously oppressive, I even got out onto the street. I laughed out loud and even cried during one of the episodes. It's been my favorite app that I purchased and I highly recommend it. I'm trying to help the other runners doing the Run for Africa's Youth get into good podcasts and apps for running, so if you have any other ideas, do pass them my way. Today's post on The UNITE Foundation Facebook page highlights "Zombies, Run!" Here's my second training video for your enjoyment

25 February 2013

The Run for Africa's Youth 2013

The Run for Africa's Youth Many of you have already heard that I will be doing the "Run for Africa's Youth" again this year, but I haven't been good about keeping you all updated through my blog, so I'm going to load up the blog a bit this week with more information about what I'm doing. I have been training since January 1st for this run and I'm still worried about my progress, but I'm getting out there every other day. As part of my Razoo fundraising site, I've been creating a new video about my running journey every week. Here's a link to my first video. It's very amateur, but I hope to improve with each new one! First week - Why am I running in the freezing rain?