18 June 2014

Commuting by bike

One of the best choices I made this summer was finally signing up for Capital Bikeshare.

I have started cycling to work at least three times a week and I love it.
with this view!
Of course, I'm lucky enough to have a gym at work so I can go straight in and clean up before heading to my desk. This is one of the things that I'm worried about with my move to start training. With temperatures exceeding 95 degrees and the stifling humidity, I definitely need a place to shower and cool off even after an easy ride.

I'm planning to try out my planned path from home to FSI next weekend; it should be interesting to see how easy/tough it is!

06 June 2014

A chance meeting

 I went to a federal employee mixer last night and just happened to run into Nicholas Kralev, the author of America's Other Army: The U.S. Foreign Service and 21st Century Diplomacy This book was a valuable resource as I explored this career and prepared to take the Foreign Service Oral Assessment (FSOA). What a serendipitous meeting to have right after receiving my invitation to the A-100!

05 June 2014

A new adventure commences

I'm restarting my blog because I just got the news that I've been waiting for since November 2011... I will be appointed as a Foreign Service Officer with the US Department of State on June 30th! I am overflowing with joy, tempered by sadness for what I will be leaving behind. Stay tuned for updates, pictures, and stories!