07 October 2008

What do I mean by ‘overthrow the patriarchy’?

In a comment from months ago (apologies, I don’t often have access to the website to see comments) my uncle asked me what I meant by ‘overthrow the patriarchy’ in my personal blurb. I took a little time the other day to reflect on the question and came up with this:

I mean that things have to change.
For far too long, society has been run by people who have all the power and the money. Even in America, where we have a functioning democracy, people starve to death, die of exposure, die of cancers because of the pollutants in our air, water, the food we eat.
“The patriarchy” is a very simplistic way for me to say “the current system that is run primarily by white men with too much money and that makes it hard for young people, women, people of color and the poor to express themselves, improve their situation and influence policy.”
I believe that this system is unjust and requires a complete overhaul socially, legislatively, and spiritually. That’s what I mean by ‘overthrow the patriarchy.’

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