08 January 2009


Assorted pics of my borrowed kitten... now returned to L and I in Tsevie

Spiderman got his superpowers by being bitten by a spider. Spidercat got hers from biting the spider.

Kitten on a bike

Kitten practicing spidey skillz.

Kitten lounging – good thing I wasn’t too set on reading that.


Anonymous said...

I changed my mind, I'm not coming. I don't care what cool super powers the cats have over there. Spiders should not be that size...

I'd forgotten about the spiders.

Dear Lord, what have I let myself in for?

*runs screaming to a stool in the corner*

Anonymous said...

There is something very wrong about that spider picture. It makes my stomach turn and yet I find it fascinating.



It almost looks chewy.