08 May 2009

thoughts on family in Togo

3eme English essays
These are the prompts from the recent practice English exam for junior high students to get into high school. I quite liked these essays, faults and all, so I wanted to share them with you. (I’ve either changed or left out actual names – I indicate male or female with an m or f, respectively, after the name.)

7 may 2009

Write about one of your relatives to anybody who doesn’t know him or her.

Amoko (f)

My Aunt name is Ami. She is a faster than my mother, she have five children.
When she arrived, she bought a new choice.
I like my Aunt very much because she is a good Aunt for my Aunts. She is beautiful. Everyday when I want to school she take me a money. this Aunt is my sincerely Aunt. I decided to go to holydays to her in Lomé. She buy me a new shoes and dresses. I like her very much.

It is a Aunt of I like.

Komla (m)

I went to write about one of the relatives to anybody who doesn’t know him is NOGOLI is fourteen yers old. his is from second
I like him because hi give me the school fees to pay. his is pleasure in her jobs and his help me to travel to America to see my sister

Adzo (f)

My father is called Mr A---- He comes from Kovie in the south Zio district but is staying at Lomé
He is forty-Eight years old and fair in complexion. He is a short man with a braood face and pointed nose. He has black hair. He is an active man. He is a doocther. He like a Football His fife children, two mothers.

Some people say it is important to have children and especially boys. Do you agree with them? Give your reasons.

Yawavi (f)

I give the reasons why the people say it is important to have children and especially boys.
In Europer they have money his give one or two babies. in africa they haven’t money, do they give the children and especially boys to do somethings for them father and one day if the father died the children will replicage his place but if you haven’ any babies the person will cry to you and said are you a true man? because you haven’t babies.
It is the reasons why the people say it is important to have children and especially boys.

Kodjovi (m)

to have the children is very important in this lind or this lif. I will talk of that.

The man or the wif who has not the children they think very much because the child is dear for everybody. If you have the many and you bouild the best house but you have not an other child is very bad. If you are sick your many couldn’t help you but you children can help you. The children help their parents to work and serving in the home and farm. I couldn’t tell the joy wich the parents have when they have the children.

Have the children is very important but the parents must give the best education to their children.

Yawo (m)

Yes I am agree with them that to have a children and especially boys is good.
Because if you have, he can help you in our work in farm, in house, in market and do annother ward in your life.
After this, if the children was in school and after school, if he become a doctor or a famous persons he can give you money to pay you a car or moto, to buld you very big house in the town and give you in town.
If the day of your ceremony of die this boy can give you in cimetry.
the boy can help the familly to give annother baby which can signe the familly name.

It is good to make a boy in our familly.

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