28 January 2010

The mouse who wanted to be a student

The mouse who wanted to be a student
Once upon a time there lived a little gray mouse in a little red house owned by an old schoolmaster. She was very content in her warm little kitchen gathering all the crumbs she could eat. But one day she decided to explore. She ventured all the way to the classroom attached to the house. There she found the old schoolmaster teaching a group of students. She was astonished looking at all the little boys and girls bent over their desks. They were reading their lessons so carefully, their eyes never leaving the open page.
The little gray mouse went to see her grandmother to find ou more about this school. Her grandmother told her little human children learn to use symbols so they can learn more about things, people, and places far away. But they have to be very clever to learn so much.
The little gray mouse was very brave and daring. She said to herself, "These girls and boys who come to the school are not more clever than me! If I want to I could be a very good student."
The next morning as soon as the sun rose, the little gray mouse went to the classroom, her snout pointed high in the air, searching for knowledge. She looked at the shape of the letters on the blackboard and practiced saying the names for them she had heard from the children. After fifteen days, working at dawn and dusk when the humans were gone but there was just enough light to read by, the mouse had learned all the letters of the alphabet. And by the end of the year, the little animal read as well as you or me.
Perhaps better.

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