06 June 2010

a close of service musical

I've tried and tried to get the video of this musical uploaded but it's a little too big for blogspot (127 meg) and I can't get a good enough connection to upload to youtube :(

Narrator: In the summer of 2007, Rose Lindgren applied for the Peace Corps. Let’s listen in on her interview, shall we?

Nikhil: I can show you the world
Shining, shimmering, splendid
Tell me truly now when did
You last let your heart decide

I can open your eyes
Take you country by country
It’s the toughest job that you’ll ever love I promise you

A whole new world
Escape from parents, books and jobs
No one to tell you no
Or where to go
Or say you’re only dreaming

Rose: A whole new world
A dazzling place I’ve never known
When I’m a volunteer
It’s crystal clear
That I will save the whole wide world with you

Narrator: Rose received her assignment a mere 12 months later… she was heading for a tiny little country called Togo.

Rose: From the day I arrived in this country
And blinking stepped into the sun

Taylor: There’s more to see than can ever be seen

Heather: More to do than can ever be done

Rose: There’s far too much to take in here

We’re following the yovo, the yovo, the yovo
We’re following the yovo, wherever she may go

Narrator: The first step is stage…

Whitney: Let’s get down to business to defeat poverty
Dig your hands right in there and get dirty
You’re the prissiest bunch I’ve ever seen

Stagaires, I’ll make volunteers out of you

Narrator: Rose was posted in a small village…

Rose: Little town, it’s a Peace Corps village
Every day like the one before
Little town full of Ewe people waking up to say

All: Bonjour, bonsoir, bonjour yovo bonsoir

Good morning yovo
Good morning Madame
Where are you off to?
The market
Don’t forget to bring me some bread!

Look there she goes that girl is so peculiar
I wonder if she’s feeling well (diarrhea?)
With a dreamy far-off look
And her nose stuck in a book (and it’s not the Bible!)
What a puzzle to the rest of us this yovo

There must be more than this villageoise life!

Now it’s no wonder that her name means “whitey”
Her looks have got no parallel
But behind that fair fa├žade
I’m afraid she’s rather odd
Very different from the rest of us this yovo!

Just watch I’m going to make her my wife

Narrator: Daily marriage proposals started to get Rose down, luckily she had some good friends who taught her an important phrase:

Heather: Du courage what a wonderful phrase
Du courage ain’t no passing craze
It means no worries for the rest of your days
It’s our problem-free philosophy – du courage!

Taylor: Here! Have some pate with fish sauce – and drink this, it’ll help with the digestion.

Les poisons, les poisons, hee hee hee ha ha ha
With the coupe-coupe I hack them in two
I pull out what’s inside and I serve it up fried
Jesu, I love little fishies, don’t you!

Narrator: Rose woke up the next morning with a hangover, giardia and covered in heat rash. She started to wish she could go home and have air-conditioning, pizza and cold beer.

Rose: I really miss America
Nikhil: How can you say that? Everything you need it right here!

Rose: Maybe he's right, maybe there is something the matter with me. I just don't see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad.

I wanna be where the Americans are
I wanna see, wanna see 'em dancing... not like that!

Walking around on those what do you call em? Streets

Riding a bike you don’t get too far
Cars are required for shopping, road trips
Cruising along down a
What’s that word again… street!

Up where they drive
Up where they date
Up where they worry about being late
Wanderin’ free wish I could be
Part of that world

What would I give if I could live out of this mudhut
What would I pay to spend a day down at the mall

Betcha out there they wouldn’t stare
Bet they won’t care that I’m not married

Bright young women
Sick of swimming
In my own sweat

And ready to know what the Internet knows
Google my questions and get some answers
What’s a real job and what will I…
What’s the word?


When’s it my turn
Wouldn’t I dare, dare to explore that world over there

Out of Togo
When can I go
Be part of that world


Henriksdal said...


Anonymous said...

Words cannot describe how much I loved this. I actually laughed out loud multiple times. I may have to go and read it again right now!


Anonymous said...

"Just watch I’m going to make her my wife"

"What’s a real job and what will I…
What’s the word?


Quality sheer quality.

Celia Richards said...

Wonderful. I can just hear you singing it.

Becka said...

I literally just laughed out loud in my office the entire time I read this. I really wish I could have seen it, and it sums up PCV life in the best way possible...with Disney!