18 October 2010

Back to Togo

After 18 + hours of flights, I have arrived back in Togo!

The transition has been pretty smooth, I guess I was ready to come back. I'm excited about the activities and responsibilities of this year. I'd better be, since I'm jumping in with both feet immediately - I arrived on Thursday evening, I had two nights at home in Atakpame and now I'm back in the capital city of Lome for a week:

VAC (volunteer advisory council)on Tuesday
Coordinating and facilitating a Peer Support Network training on Wed and Thurs
Finally, on Friday, my fellow PCVL (Peace Corps Volunteer Leader) and I will be having a half-day of PCVL training

Well, my to-do list is getting boring. So I'll just try to keep you all updated as I have my adventures. Hopefully now that I have electricity I'll be more accessible!

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