12 April 2011

Togo = Developed

I have just uploaded this from my brand-new at-home internet connection.

This is a completely bizarre feeling. It’s not terribly cheap, and certainly not unlimited, but it’s amazing to have it at my fingertips. Especially after last week.

I restored my computer to factory settings last week. I’m not sure whether it was viruses, bumping over terrible potholes on a moto, or what, but my computer had been fully Togo-ed.
By which I mean it was completely out of commission. The large majority of my files are backed up, I may have lost a few days’ worth of work, but by that time my computer was moving so slowly that that work is negligible.

In any case, my newly virgin computer was quite exciting. As I reinstalled Microsoft Office and iTunes, etc. I enjoyed the speed of the process and the chance/obligation to re-organize from square one.

After the reboot, I went to a local internet café and I started up my Outlook, only to be crippled by the years worth of emails trickling in 1MB every 90 seconds. Literally. I realized that I needed to seriously address my information possibilities. As I head into a serious career search, not to mention location search, I’m going to need a lot more information. Hence the USB key modem.

This is really exciting.

But at the same time that I revel in my newfound information access, I am reading a Bloomberg Businessweek Technology article discussing Kinect. A piece of hardware/software that I’d never heard of before picking up this 4 month old magazine.

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.


Sea Dragon said...


And you'll need an iphone or an android phone. Only then will you be down with the kidz.

Sea Dragon said...

Also Mo, Erin and I were playing Kinect at Roy and Jackie's at the weekend.

It is weird. But kind of fun.

It does feel a bit like having super powers.