27 May 2011


Confiance en soi
Self-Esteem and Confidence

Through Camp Unite, I learned many new things that have transformed me into a new man. Why do I say that? Because at the training of trainers for the Camp, I doubted that I could succeed at the theme “Gender Equity” because it is so complex. But after we were introduced to the theme “Self-Confidence”, I became determined and my doubts disappeared and with courage I was able to present this difficult theme from start to finish successfully.
And so, I encourage all of you readers: men, women, boys and girls to have confidence in yourselves in all the circumstances in the world. There is nothing that is impossible.
Paul, Counselor at Camp UNITE - farmer from Zafi in the Maritime Region

I noticed in my community in Gando that many young people don’t have confidence in themselves, the key to success. Because we think that the best things will come to us if someone else gives them to us. But if we have confidence, we ourselves can succeed because there’s nothing in this world that is difficult impossible. It’s especially our girls that don’t have confidence
Seraphin, apprentice tailor from Gando in the Savannah region

Self-confidence is a good thing that every individual should have in their life. Without self-confidence a woman cannot accomplish a goal. Without self-confidence there isn’t a healthy life. All things are possible in life, ‘vouloir c’est pouvoir’ (‘where there’s a will there’s a way’). For that, I will encourage my fellow apprentices to hold on to their self-confidence in order to accomplish their objectives. In life, you have to face problems before you can win.
Brigitte, apprentice dressmaker from Tigbada in the Central region

You must practice self-confidence to speak in groups. I was too embarrassed to even speak at the dinner table. But Camp Unité made me get self-confidence and I know I can cross the bridge to a healthy life.
Factors of self-confidence:
Speak in public
Take strong decisions
Courage and concentration
Repeat each day “I can and I will”
SATSI Videva Tchifama

I speak to you about “self-confidence” which is to have the courage that your yes is yes and your no is no. You should share your ideas with others. I participated in Camp Unité 2011 in Pagala and I learned many things that I found interesting, especially “self-confidence.” I like that theme because before I was ashamed to speak in public. If you are in the same position as me, you must have self-confidence and have the courage to speak in public. Don’t lower your head. Thanks to the US Embassy.
DOTSE Kokou Ali, EPP Lonvo

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Celia Richards said...

Wonderful advice for everyone, not just those at Camp Unite!