18 July 2015

One month in Beirut

It's been nearly a month in Beirut now.

This city is gorgeous and fascinating. I feel so lucky to be in this part of the world and yet in a stable and prosperous city. Don't get me wrong - there are certainly aspects that show this isn't the US or Europe. In fact, right as I typed that, the electricity went off for the third or fourth time today.  But the sun shines so brightly that I hardly notice the blackouts most of the day.

I've already gone on a couple of adventures - excursions organized by the CLO (Community Liaison Officer). I'm hoping to go on at least two every month and explore as many corners of this beautiful country as I can.

Our first stop on our adventure a few weeks ago was the teleferique, a mountain cable car, that reached from Beirut directly up into the mountains. It was more than a little nerve-wracking as it shuddered over the iron wires.

But we made it!
And then continued walking up the hill to the gorgeous church of Notre Dame du Liban.
Of course, I took an iconic selfie from the very top of the mountain too :)
And we finished up a day in the heights by going to the deepest depths of the city - Jeita Grotto

We weren't allowed to take photos inside the caves, but there are beautiful professional images on this website. It was absolutely astounding and made me feel very nostalgic for my inspiring and gorgeous visit to Luray Caverns with K. I miss this amazing woman so much!

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