28 February 2008

I got news for you.

Well, it's nearly 20 days since I first started this blog.
I am rubbish for not posting more. Ah well.

Today I finally have a good reason to blog...

I received a very important and highly anticipated packet in the mail.

If any of you know me pretty well, you will know that for the past year and a half I have been anticipating this letter, although the past three months have been the worst.
Every time I logged into my online 'toolkit' I received messages like "Your primary job right now is to wait" or "This is an excellent time to practice the patience you'll need as a volunteer".
Last Friday I received an email saying my toolkit had been updated. I went to the website, where I was greeted in bold blue letters exclaiming, "Congratulations! You have been invited to be a Peace Corps Volunteer in Development in starting ."

They literally left spaces in the place for country and start date. But they still had live links like "Find out about my country" and "Important dates" underneath the title.
In desperation, I clicked on the links hoping that they had simply forgotten to add bits rather than deliberately leaving essential information out. "Find out about my country" led to a new page titled "My Country" where a message declared unhelpfully, "No volunteers have yet updated to the page for 'my country'. Please check back soon!"
Despite my disappointment, I did not give up refreshing the page for about a quarter hour. And submitted myself to the torture every night after... until today.

The wait is over.

I am invited to join the Peace Corps as an NGO Development Advisor in Togo.
My Orientation is June 3-5 and I arrive in Togo on June 6.



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Celia Richards said...

Huzzah indeed! You have had such a long time to wait.

Morven said...

Yay!!1 That's cool! I'm going to go google Togo now!