01 March 2008

Dressing up

So my assignment booklet says "normal attire is 'casual business' and is fairly conservative. This includes ... modest dresses/skirts with a nice blouse for women. Slacks are rarely worn by women..."

"...sleeveless shirts and shorter skirts... and wearing flip-flops are not appropriate... Wearing less modest clothing can diminish the respect community members have for Peace Corps Volunteers and can make the work of PCVs much more challenging and ultimately ineffective."

Uh oh.

I knew I would have to buy some new things for the Peace Corps, I didn't realise I'd have to shift my clothing comfort zone THAT far.

Especially considering the average temperature in Togo is 22.5 - 33 degrees Celsius.
This is the annual average... not just the summer average. How do people possibly wear dress clothes in that kind of heat?

At least I've got a few months to start looking around for acceptable clothing (and stocking up on baby powder to ward off that painful 'chub rub' as my mum calls it).


Morven said...

ummm... think floaty? and maybe invest in those bridget jones knickers that come down to your knees?

mmm sexxxxxyyyy.

Rose said...

there's an outlet for an awesome travel shop called Patagonia about half an hour from my hometown. I found a possible skirt... http://www.patagonia.com/web/us/product/product_focus.jsp?OPTION=PRODUCT_FOCUS_DISPLAY_HANDLER&style_color=75062-772&patcatcode=MAIN_SP_US.CLOTHING_GEAR.WOMENS.SKIRTS

morag said...

Sounds like cap-sleeves and sari-style long skirts might be your friend? And I'm sure you could rock the floaty linen trousers look. Also, they say no flip-flops, but does that mean no respectable buckle strap sandals? And you could get those shoes that have lots of holes in that are really just sandals but with more straps? Or canvassy shoes like espadrilles?


John Wilson said...

It all sounds like nonsense to me. Depends on what you are doing though. If you are spending most of your time in air-conditioned offices negociating with government ministers and agency representatives, then business attire could be totally appropriate. If you're digging a ditch, not so much.