12 July 2008

all the small things

9 July 2008

It really is just the little things that get me down.

Leaving the Techhouse today I noticed three new flea bites. Then I got
on my bike and within two metres I'd torn a hole in my trousers because
I forgot to roll up my right leg and it got caught in the gear. Then,
because I only pulled it up haphasardly, it fell down again and my bike
fell into a big hole while I was trying to pull it back up.


I wish that the ride home from school had at least one downhill bit,
that would be really nice.

I got to ride on the back of a moto today in bike mechanics class :).
I will almost certainly have moto privileges at my post. This means
that I will be allowed to use moto taxis when necessary, although Peace
Corps prefers that we take bush taxis (vans). There is a stretch of
road between Mission Tove and Lome that is not very frequently served
by bush taxi, so it will be very useful to have that privilege.
Luckily, it's not a very long stretch of road, so I won't have to cling
desperately onto the luggage rack (girls aren't supposed to put their
arms around a moto driver, it's culturally inappropriate) for very

Ah. I feel better already having been able to vent.

Time to hydrate.

Music: Manu Chao – Me gusta
Book: Robert Jordan – Crown of Swords (my friend had a folder of zip
files of 'the 69 best fantasy/sci-fi authors' hellzyeah. talk about
comfort reading.)

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