05 September 2008

Recycling Africa-Style

26 August 2008

Recycling Africa-style

I use my trash (toilet paper, cardboard boxes, plastic wrappers) to start the charcoal for my cooking.

I use the plastic bag from my mattress as a table cloth (and a shelter from the rain for my bike)

A (very indulgent) faux-frappuchino can is now my used matches receptacle.

An old bleach bottle holds my kerosene.

I have a bracelet made out of frayed clothesline.

I keep my lentils, flour, gari (manioc flour) and chick peas in leftover 1.5 liter water bottles.

My dishwashing, handwashing, showering waste water is used to flush my toilet.

All of the water for my house comes from the cistern which is filled via the rain gutters.

My empty cans of vegetables and powdered milk serve various functions: candle holders, ash collectors (for adding to my compost), soap dishes, toothbrush holder.

Current Reading: How to Grow More Vegetables*
*than you ever thought possible on less land than you can imagine
by John Jeavons

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