18 December 2008

Another list

18 December 2008a

It’s that time again – stuff I’d like to get from overseas:

deodorant/anti-perspirant (the strong stuff)
I can get these things in country, but they’re expensive and hard to find

Lush conditioner bar – I think it’s called jungle something or other. It’s fantastic and I can use it for shaving my legs, too, which is great.

AAA rechargeable batteries

Hard candies – peppermints, butterscotch, jolly ranchers, etc.

Drink stuff
• fruity – Crystal Light seems to be the most flavourful that I’ve found so far (maybe to make up for the fake sugar they use)
• Hot chocolate mix :) M sent me some over the summer and they were such nice treats!
• Tea – any tea bags, I can find some tea here, but I miss the huge variety of tea I used to enjoy back home. If you want to send whole leaf tea, go ahead and pop in a tea strainer thing too.

• energy bars – Luna bars, especially
• Dried fruit – stuff I can’t get here like apricots would be amazing, I’m working on a plan to make my own dryer so when the mango tree outside my window starts getting plentiful I can dry the fruit and have it all year round!
• oatcakes – och. how I miss the wee crunchy biddies
• whole wheat digestives (maybe with dark chocolate?)
• Extra mature cheddar cheese
o ok. don’t actually send this, but LIGHT do I miss it!

Letters – I haven’t been very good at writing back, sorry. But I’m keeping a blog soooo much more consistently than ever before. That’s pretty good right?

Biosnacky sprout seeds – I have a sprouting jar, but I’m about to run out of the little packets of sprout seeds. It’s such a nice thing to have, especially now it’s hot season and there is very little water and all the veggies in the marche are looking pretty wrinkly. They don’t have to be ‘biosnacky’ brand, any seeds specifically for sprouting will do.


P.S. Still haven’t received 3 packages sent from the UK. I’m assuming/hoping that the delay was due to the elections in Ghana and they will be coming through soon. Cross your fingers for me!


Laura said...

I don't want to sound mean but I'd like one of the UK parcels to arrive before sending anything else.. any of them will do. Then I will poke your list and see what I can dig up :)

Fingers crossed.

Rose said...

Laura, you don't sound mean AT ALL. I'm inclined to encourage my UK friends to hold off sending anything until I start receiving packages the packages that should have arrived a month ago.

Anonymous said...

Still no packages? WTF? I sent a little package too for your Christmas (they both had chocolate in them).
I wonder if the food element is the problem? ... The first ones only had chweing gum and hot chocolate sachets in them... hmmm.

I shall bring you oatcakes in February!!