24 June 2009

Rose is AWOL

A brand new adventure for me!

I lost my passport somewhere between New York and California, but didn't discover it until 10pm Sunday night.

I was supposed to fly back to Togo Monday morning at 6am.

So I spent about seven hours ransacking the house to search for the passport, finally gave up and contacted the airline, peace corps in DC, peace corps in Togo, and everyone else necessary.

I'm in the 'leave without allowance' limbo now until I can secure a new passport. My FedExed application (along with NINE new passport pictures) should have arrived in Washington, DC this morning. I'm anticipating being in California for at the very least another 10 days.

I still kick myself occasionally, but it's like a 'free' vacation. It's a good thing I get along with my family :)

In other news, I'm going to use this week to research law schools and LSAT study preparation. ... yikes

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