03 July 2009

take a hike!

Yesterday, my sister and I found a gorgeous King Snake on the trail into Wildwood Park. It was beautiful, stretched out on the top of a hill, sunning itself. Of course, it inspired us into a mini-flurry of activity as I scooped up our dog Hunny's contribution to the cycle of life and L re-fastened her leash around her neck. Hunny is suicidally curious about things like poisonous snakes.

About a week ago, L and another sister, C, and I went on a hike off the normal trails to get to a cool cave hidden in the side of one of the hills. It was much less precarious than it felt - and only about a 45 minute easy walk/hike from our house. I love being able to wander the beautiful trails in California. The scent of sage is so comforting and homey to me.

Also, L has a plan that if there's ever a big disaster or war, we could all live in this cave. Awesome.

So have some beautiful pictures of a California adventure.

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