07 July 2009

Independence Day in the States

Due to my inadvertently extended vacation, I was able to spend the Fourth of July in the states!

My newly discovered fabulous cousin, D (not that I didn't know he was my cousin, I just didn't know how awesome he was before), came by on a cross-country road trip with his friend J. So we spent Friday hiking and swimming and then decided to head down to the Hollywood Hills to a family friend's house for the fireworks.

The family friend is a well-known producer and has an absolutely gorgeous house with a perfect view of the Hollywood sign. The only downside is there were no firework shows close to the house. As we scanned the twinkling horizon, it was easy to mistake a blinking neon sign for a small fireworks display.

I always meet very interesting people at this house. The 4th was no exception - the crowd ranged from a young wanna-be actor who's gotten into the technical production side of the job to a woman who has traveled the world as a singer (and, by the way, dated Keanu Reeves when she was singing backup for Dogstar and currently has an interesting band called DizzyX). I felt very happy to be able to contribute my own particular brand of bizarreness - choosing to live without electricity or running water for two years. Although, every day that I stay here in California makes it harder to imagine going back to my village.

In Peace Corps updates, my passport has been created, so now it's just up to Togo to decide whether they want to grant me another visa. Do they want me back? ...

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