07 July 2009

What I've been doing with my time

Being in limbo means that I haven't wanted to set up seeing friends on the chance that I might be flying out... also, being a peace corps volunteer I have absolutely no spending money. Any little bits that I had, I squandered on ridiculous things like buying sewing kits and cool yarn as gifts for my apprentice friends in village.

So, I've been spending my time reading and studying and researching about law schools.

I have a strong academic record and my practice lsat scores are good, so I think this is the list of schools to which I will be applying. If any reader has particular insight, please comment or email me!

I'm looking to do public interest work, therefore strong financial aid for such pursuits is very important to me. I may consider adding an MA or an MBA in Non-profit management to the law degree, so having the possible dual degree programs is also important.

New York University
UC Berkeley
University of Chicago
University of Pennsylvania

Any universities that I've left out that you think I'm crazy for skipping over?

also... have a picture of me anticipating how i'll feel in my first 1L class


morag said...

Given that California is the place we're most likely to visit most often, my vote's for UCB.

Anonymous said...

Hello: this is the Harvard not for profit centre that I mentioned: The Hauser Centre.