22 October 2009

Day in the Life Part 1

5H00 Oops. Slept through my 5.30 alarm. Better get up.

6H00 Quick stop for rice and beans for breakfast on my 5k bike ride to school.

7H00 English class with the rowdy 6eme students.

8H00 Phew - One free hour this morning to collect my thoughts.

9H00 Recreation - Recess, time for the kids to eat some breakfast.

10H00 Four 3eme students who presented oral book reports today.

11H00 Just before noon, the rain started to fall.

12H00 A very brave student rescues my bike from the mud and rain.

13H00 The rain's stopped, but there's still a LOT of mud.

14H00 Tractors are all over the place right now, smoothing out the roads.

15H00 And then I fell into the latrine. Well, almost. Luckily I have vampire reflexes and managed to scramble up and away before I fell in entirely - left leg went in about thigh-deep into the hole. Thank goodness those things are dug deep!

15H00 My bike fell in sympathy

16H00 Teaching Feasibility Studies in our "Club d'Entreprise"


Celia Richards said...

Yay pictures! Glad your camera resurfaced. Is that amount of rain normal for this time of year.

Rose said...

actually, this has been a really dry couple of months. It should have been raining every day during september and we only got a few days of rain.

So lots of rain is normal, unfortunately, we're not getting it!