04 October 2009

What I’m doing this year with … the apprentices

4 October 2009b

After a slow start, my crocheted plastic bag thing is working!
All of the apprentices now know how to crochet They are producing beautiful table “doilies” in multiple colors of yarn, cute hats for babies, and even some socks. Then wonder of wonders, about a month ago an apprentice approached me shyly with a couple items in hand. She placed them in my hands and I nearly cried – two cute little change purses crocheted out of plastic bag yarn! With zippers and everything. They are adorable and really exciting. It hasn’t really caught on with the other apprentices, but it’s exciting to see the possibilities.
I need to get a clearer plan about what to do with the apprentices now – perhaps help them market their pretty rainbow-colored doilies? Set up a little stand at the marche? Figure out a fair price… and get people interested.
Working with apprentices is tough because of the language barrier. Only two female apprentices speak French – out of about 40! So I need a counterpart, but it’s been difficult to find someone reliable.
I’ve started working w/ N on her English – her husband lives in the states and she’d like to join him taken the initiative to really engage her yet. I would prefer to do a joint meeting – N, V, and Da E- to create a plan together but I haven’t yet found a good time to get them all around a table. Maybe having written this down and “published” it for all to see might move me to action.
With Da E, I am helping her write a proposal to Rotary to get a small couturiere workshop built at her house. Our progress has been stopped by the search for land title verification. Tracking down an official map of her house/lands is ridiculously difficult. But before doing any particular “improvements” on the land, obviously we need to prove her ownership of it.

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