23 September 2010

Another birthday

Tuesday felt like much more of a celebratory day than Monday (my birthday) which was spent getting lost among crowds of fresh-faced 18-year-olds in itsy-bitsy shorts and walking in circles searching for a restroom because I just couldn't get the street grid figured out in Foggy Bottom and was suffering from tummy troubles. I blame the clam bake. It was fun, but not very gentle on the belly. Probably the wine and beer and more wine didn't help too much either.

I went to a law school fair at GW on Monday. It is kind of silly how ill-equipped I am, at least clothing-wise, for the United States. I wore what are probably my nicest top and skirt and felt very very scruffy. It doesn't help that my feet are now shaped to only fit into chacos. I tried to wear my favorite pair of comfy 2-inch heels. They sliced up my achilles AND my in-step! yikes. I will need an entire wardrobe rehaul before trying to reintegrate here. Somehow I'm getting the feeling that the 'readjustment allowance' just isn't going to cut it. Especially since I've already received (and spent) one-third of it.

I was really surprised by how old I felt on Monday. Every law school recruiter I talked to asked me when I had graduated from Notre Dame (as opposed to when WILL i graduate). There's an upside to the 'older' as well: I felt like I actually knew what I was doing walking around the fair. I had good questions and was able to build rapport with the recruiters much better than the sophomores walking around asking everyone "What can I do NOW so I can guarantee getting into your school?"

I wonder if I'll qualify for the Older and Wiser Law Students group (OWLS) when I finally get back to school.

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