23 September 2010

Chance encounters

Updating from a Megabus. I am in the top level front seat on my way from DC to NY.

I am currently adventuring on the East Coast of the United States. I've been visiting family and friends and law schools. My most exciting stop so far has been to a Trader Joe's in the middle of Washington D.C. I had no idea TJ's was in town until I saw a girl carrying two of their distinctive brown paper bags on the metro. I watched enviously as she flouted the rule against eating on the trains and enjoyed some stuffed grape leaves. The first thing I did after arriving at my aunt and uncle's home (after a metro ride to the end of the line and a 40 minutes driving with two missed signed and subsequent u-turns) was look up the location of Trader Joe's in DC.

So exciting to discover my favorite California shp on the other side of the country. I wandered around the shop for ages before finally selecting some chips and salsa. I headed up to the checkout line, which was surprisingly quick considering how long it was! When I reached the cashier, a thirty-something black man called Gregory, he asked me, "Where did you get your shirt?"

I replied, "Togo." We had a short moment of surprised silence and then began chatting.
He's from Kpalime and I explained where I live and a little of what I do.

As I headed out to meet some former PCVs for dinner, I couldn't help but smile at the joys of chance encounters.

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