20 December 2010

Site visits

Site visits blog
Dear C,
Thank you so much for having me over to see your village. I enjoyed visiting your market and indulging in ‘Starbucks’ à la villageoise. It’s rare to find another eldest child from a big family here, so it was fun to connect and chat about our siblings.  Good luck in your first few months exploring the assets and needs of your village. I included info on village savings and loans, income-generating activities and funding applications on the USB key; I hope you’ll find them very useful.

Dear J,
Thank you for hosting me for a day in your village. I had a lot of fun wandering around the tchakpa stands and through the fields. Congratulations on taking such a strong interest in learning local language and integrating with an eye for finding really relevant work. I still haven’t tried ‘flea’ yet - maybe next time. I included some information on appropriate technology and income-generating activities that I hope will be useful. I look forward to working with you to plan workshops at the new maison.

Dear D and C,
Thank you ever so very much for taking me in for a few days as I journeyed in and around Dapaong. I love your house but even more your company and I hope that you will take advantage of my new digs any time you stop in Atakpame. I hope you have (well, had, by the time you receive this) a fantastic time in Germany. Thanks for your support as well through my Senegal ‘revelation’. It has now become a new jumping-off point and I’m getting excited about choosing a US city and forging ahead with a slightly changed destination but still the same stubborn drive to ‘save the world’ wherever I can.

Dear D,
Thank you so much for hosting me and taking me up to the caves. I can’t believe you hiked up that mountain twice in two days. You are going to be the fittest volunteer in country! I have to admit, I’m still thinking about that chilli too! I think I might make it for Christmas dinner. It was really yummy. Well, have a lovely December. Make sure to check out the resources I put on the USB key and put on any that you’ve inherited or created. I don’t mind duplicates, so throw on whatever you’ve got  PS Just read your story for Perspectives. It was lovely. Please write more!

Dear H,
Thank you so much for hosting me in your beautiful little village. I enjoyed getting soaked gathering water, being serenaded by blind griots, gathering seeds and just chatting. I’m really excited about your village’s enthusiasm. I hope you have a great time making friends, planting trees and discovering your projects as they emerge naturally out of the contacts you have and will make. I hope you’ll find the resources I put on the USB key to be useful. Let me know if there’s anything I can send up.

Dear E,
Thank you so much for hosting me in your itsy bitsy village. I loved taking a walk around to see those beautiful gardens. What an exciting start for an NRM volunteer to already have people who know how to garden and make use of what little water there is available. I’m glad to see you’ve got a host family that’s ready to get things done for you - a porch in two days? Amazing. I’ve put a couple things on teaching English on the key I sent to Dapaong, but Joe is still at work on the full guide. Hopefully it can give you at least a couple of ideas. I hope you have a lovely Christmas and that the phone lines are nice and strong for you to keep in touch with everyone back home too!

Dear E,
Thank you so much for hosting me at your house. It was really interesting to be there on the day that they chose the new regent chef de canton. Good luck appreciating the benefits of having French translation available to you while navigating the pitfalls of being associated with the Kabye outsiders. I enjoyed chatting with you, I hope we didn’t offend your village too much by not wanting to hang out with all the dudes at the bar.  Thanks so much for setting me up with a moto to get back to Mango. Have a great Christmas

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