16 June 2008

Il faut que quelqu’un m’aide, je n’ai qu’une seule vie


Because yesterday’s post was pretty gloomy, I’m going to focus on the amazing things here in this post.

I took some notes...

As I mentioned, my lovely sister did my laundry yesterday. After it had been out drying for several hours, she went to check on it and bring it inside. The clothes that were dry, she folded and put on her head. She created a beautiful little stack on her head as she flitted along the line. It’s the little things, you know?

While we were eating dinner last night, a mango fell from the tree that shades nearly the entire compound. The mango fell right onto the tin roof and bounced along until it fell to the ground. The noise was deafening and frightening – I thought someone was having a temper tantrum and slamming doors or something.

After dinner every night here, I have a lovely cup of hot cocoa. They’ve begun boiling the water with a frond of lemongrass – it sounds strange, but it creates a really lovely citron-choco taste. yum yum

When I went out to the buvette (a little bar called Le Prestige that plays american music and has a couple slot machines) tonight, my two little host children cried and cried that they weren’t allowed to come with me. I really need to take them on a walk sometime soon.

We had our first practical class on the bicycle today. It was really tough. I don’t think I’ve been on a bike since high school. We biked about 4 kilometres, practicing changing between gears. I’ve only ever had to change among 3 gears – these bikes have 3 gears plus in between gear things. It was tough, and I wanted to stop and take a break pretty often, (more than the 3 times the whole group took a break) but I didn’t. I kept going. I can do this :)

De Palmas – Une Seule Vie

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