11 June 2008

Out of the big city into the village

Heading off to Agou today to our training sites.

I'm really sad to be leaving behind so many lovely CHAP (Community Health and AIDS Prevention) volunteers. But the SED (Small Enterprise Development) kids are pretty awesome too, so I imagine I'll eke out a wee bit of happiness. Apparently there's a slot machine in the bar in our SED village. Rock.


Celia Richards said...

So you will be a bit of mud hut after all then? Does this mean an end to regular updates?

Sea Dragon said...
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Morven said...

Your village has a bar?

You are in civilisation my friend!

On Eigg our house was built of mud, chicken wire and some wood. It was fine. The 'bar' was part of the tourist centre and beer was served to us in cans (McEwans or Tennents only) bu a 12 year old as Mum and Dad were too pissed/stoned.

Why did I ever leave?



Oh and the rats and spiders.

Melanie said...

06/21: Max has landed in Peru, Cusco actually(just like "Emporers Groove"). Machu Pichu will become Macho Blonde. CC is now officially "spoiled rotten only child". Hey guess what, it is really hot here too! I think I was thrown out of Morven's bar, yes rats and spiders were on the menu. Love, DAD