17 December 2009

Dear Rose...

15 December 2009

A selection of Christmas wishes I was sent last year... They didn’t arrive until September. (I got lots- these are the “most special” ones)

Merry Christmas. Wishing you the best of wishes! :)

I thank you for taking your time to telling us so far about your experience so far in Togo. I really hope you have a Merry Christmas and I wish you a HAPPY A NEW YEAR!!!

I know how hard it is to have Christmas away from home so I hope you try to make your Christmas the best it can be.

Hallo there! ... You are in Africa... that be cool. And nice. And wayy more than I would do to help out. (u.u.) Togo is so random though... randomness is rad. Very very rad. Wow... I’m getting off topic. And this is in sharpie, so I can’t erase it. Or scratch it out. ‘Cause that would look bad. Bot now I feel bad, ‘cause you probably dun get a lot of cards... and now it’s ruined. And for some odd reason we’re watching a movie in class. It’s fun. : D. It’s Mulan. And they’re singing! XD... and their bathing this chick. Ew. :1 Anyways... your still in Africa. And it’s still c ool. And nice. I be respecting you. O.o... Ughh. Sory for the internet faces. I IM/text a lot. Hahaha, sometimes I text my bestie in class. He’s sooo cool. And he be ignoring someone else. Makes meh feel special. Blah. Off-topic-ness. Anyways My hand hurts. Marry Christmas. <3

Thank you for answering our class’s questions!!!!! :) Life seems alot different in Togo! I don’t know how you survive! You inspire me soooooooo much!! I always say “If Rose can live in Togo, then I can do anything!” But I also think it would be cool to live with a whole bunch of native Africans! Well, I hope you have fun in Africa. Keep writing. Ttyl

Merry Christmas! I hope you are enjoying Togo! I understand how hard it is being away from home. I lived in Europe for 2 years in Portugal and Switzerland. It was very hard but it must be great to know you are doing a great thing

I know this isn’t the best card but I had little time and little supplies. But as what I made the card for is Christmas so... Merry Christmas! and A Happy New Year!

Hi. I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
I know it is summer there but I could not think of anything [other than a snowman] to put in the middle [of the card]. ... My parents are originally form South Africa. They were both borne in Cape Town and all of my family lives in South Africa except for my cousins that live in [the states] and my cousin that lives in [the UK].
I love cats we have 4 at my house. All of the cats we own are rescue cats, their names are Bella, Buster, Nala and Ebony. Ebony is our most recent addition we found her on the street and took her, she is mostly black but has some white on her. All of are other cats we got from a lady that rescues cats. Nala was found in someone’s yard when she she about 4 days old. She is grey and white. Buster is my cat we do not really now his story but he is a pure white and long-haried. Bella was found with he brothers and sisters on the side of the street. they only took her to see if the mother cats were dead.

Merry Christmas
R – Radiant
O – OMG you are so nice
S – Sincer
E – Evan though your far away we love you

I hope you have a happy and safe Christmas I would love to visit Africa some day.

Merry Christmas! I hope you have a great holiday! May you still experience holiday cheer in Togo!

I hope you have a great Christmas. I know I will. Anyway Merry Christmas!

Happy Holiday, have a freezin’, pleasin’, holiday season

Merry Christmas! It is soooo amazing that you are in Africa! I hope you have a happy Christmas!

What do you want to do when you first come back to America?

Have a Merry Christmas! When I went to Africa last Christmas we had an Acacia tree for our Christmas tree. It was so cool! Well, have a great Christmas

I hope you have an amazing Christmas! Thank you for writing us! We really enjoy hearing what your life is like... <3 always

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Anonymous said...

These are so sweet! My favourite is the acrostic.

I know I'm rubbish at keeping in touch, but it is lovely to see your updates. I hope you have a great Christmas. Love Nine x