10 December 2009

A reassurance

I haven't blogged in a while because I've been working and running around and seriously freaking out about the LSAT.
I put up what I wrote the day after the LSAT. Please don't take this blog entry as my typical mood here. I promise most of the time I'm quite happy and excited about my work and busy busy busy.

miss you all!
Hope you had a brilliant thanksgiving.

1 comment:

Gregor said...

Always good to read of your adventures!

Oh, do you get much changeable weather? It just looks like a flat sunny week of 25-32 every day at the moment.

With the pics of the rain I wondered if there was a rainy season, and whether it had come and gone.

Here we have deepening cold. Last night I was out in sleet about half-way from Glasgow. Brrr.