06 December 2009

LSAT stress

6 December 2009

Having a tough morning. I think I might be suffering from post-traumatic stress after taking the LSAT yesterday. I keep crying at everything – when I found out the supermarket wouldn’t open till 11, when I couldn’t find peanuet butter to buy, when I couldn’t figure out the best way to get to Togo. And now I’m sitting in the back of a taxi! Waiting for it to fill so we can head out. I’m shaking and sobbing into a handkerchief that I just bought because I left my new soft lovely one in the last taxi (that made me cry too) And I just got harassed for a full five minutes by a teenage boy who wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and want to go to Togo “ensemble.”
Even the act of trying to find a place to show my backpack has me crying. This is disturbing.
As for the LSAT, I’m not supposed to say anything, so let the fact that two out of the five Americans taking the test with me have decided to cancel their test before receiving their scores speak for itself.
I’ve become rather pragmatic about it now that I’m back at home and night has fallen – if I did well, great, I’ve still got to figure out whether law is really what I want to do. If I didn’t do well, then I can leave that career possibility behind and move forward. Fewer options to choose from – one of the things I loved about being a vegetarian too.

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Celia Richards said...

You are one of the smartest most driven person I know. With or without LSAT I know you will achieve great things and touch many peoples lives. You already have.

Much love